about me

When I was born, digital photography was something you dreamed about and after my initial hobby, which was in IT, turned into my profession, I found another in photography, which for me is the perfect balance.

Out in nature I fill up my senses, find peace and relaxation. While taking photos I live only for the moment and everything around me disappears. Even when I don’t find the perfect subject or the mood of the light is not as good as I want it for a great shot and I go back home without a photo, I have enjoyed every minute outside with nature.

My photos show the world as I see it. I bring in my personal feelings and emotions into my images and each photo shows how I “see with my heart & soul”.

In the area of photography I taught myself every knowledge and experience that I bring in to my photos. However this has not come to an end yet as I’m constantly learning with each photo I take.
Especially landscape photography is a big challenge for me as nature doesn’t wait for you and often I only have some minutes to catch the mood of light. However, sometimes it feels to me as if nature wants to present its beauty to you in spectacular light shows, if you come close by and have the patience to wait for it.

For me nature is the most beautiful work of art and I try to capture that beauty in my photos.

Frank Lüdtke

Frank Lüdtke